How To Grow Annuals and Perennials

Choose shade loving plants for shady areas and sun loving plants for sunny areas. Prepare planting area by mixing one bag of Garden Magic Peat and ½ pound of Ferti-lome Bedding Plant Food with existing soil for each 50 square feet of bed area. After preparing soil, mulch bed with pine straw before planting plants.

Remove plants from containers and slit root ball on two sides whether plant is in cell packs, 4" pots, or gallon pots. Do not tear up root ball of plants, only slit them.

Plant most annuals 6" to 8" apart for best show of color. Put taller growing plants to back of bed, or if bed is out in open put taller plants in center of bed.

After planting, water in plants with Ferti-lome Root Stimulator at a rate of 3½ tbs. per gallon of water. Repeat application two more times 10 days apart. Keep bedding plants watered well, especially during hot, dry periods. If possible, water early in the morning.

Continue to fertilize annuals and perennials every four weeks with Ferti-lome Bedding Plant Food. On applications after initial planting, broadcast fertilizer in bed during daytime when no dew or water is on plants.

After fertilizing, water plants and all fertilizer particles will wash off foliage without plant injury. Remember, you must continue to fertilize plants to keep them blooming throughout the season.